Cuckhold Training by a Manchester Dominatrix


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Following an Email consultation today I met my submissive male who has an interest in Cuckold Training. He arrived with the perfect scenario for role play written on cards that could be referred to. I greeted him in my Doctors coat and took him into my domestic dungeon setting. Dr. Helena as I called myself. He as himself.

“Welcome to my surgery Paul, do sit down, I believe you are here to see your Psychotherapist and yes that’s me”, I calmly recited.

On sitting down he just removed his coat and my nurse Mistress Tania got him a glass of water at his request. He was nervous and it was my role to ask him why he was referred to me his sex therapist. He stated his GP had referred him for sexual therapy, that his role as a husband had changed in the last 2 years. He was less interested in being a dominant male and wanted to be submissive as a sexual partner. He explained his sexual fantasies had changed as a consequence to this and he desired to watch his wife have a lover. Paul wanted to learn about being her cuckold and watching his wife enjoying intimate physical sexual activity with a male whilst he watched. He wanted to watch all aspects of the relationship with her chosen bull  and even serve them as a servant whilst in Chastity. A history was taken of his sexual life and desires. I told my patient that his desires were normal to some of the male population and had leant his wife was a good 10 years younger than he and she would need her sexual appetite fulfilling. Her need was all he was addressing and that he was becoming more submissive as a male, my diagnosis he was Asthenolagnia. This is the opposite term of gaining sexual desire from displays of strength or muscles as in the term Sthenolagnia. He was to become a cuckold. His manhood never to be used again, his desire was only to be submissive and to be controlled sexually by his wife or me his therapist. I told him to remove his clothes checking his manhood size for his chastity device. My nurse assisted and we placed the silver cage around his cock and balls telling him that this was what he should wear nightly next to his wife whilst sleeping or letting her masturbate or even encouraging him to buy her beautiful sexy lingerie to make her pleasured. I instructed that his masculine panties were given to me and I cut them up as from now on he had to wear silky ladies panties only. This was one way his wife may ask the question as to what was going on another step in his Cuckold Training. He was to let go of his ability to me a husband that sexually gratifies his wife now he was the underling. The next session I planned was fitting of his own device and sending him home with his cock restrained. I showed him the effects of the chastity device whilst he explored one mid fantasy and one extreme. Yes his cock enlarged in the cage was now throbbing. I held my Hitachi wand to stimulate further telling him that once his role as a Cuckold began this is how he would feel. He wanted it so much to live his fantasy.

In Paul’s Cuckold training we discussed options for his wife and him explaining it was for the best for both parties. He knew it was now the way of life and no other way would gratify him. I told Paul to suggest his wife got a lover moved him in Friday till Sunday setting times and as soon as the lover arrived he would have to wear his device and take the spare bedroom. If his wife became willing he would be allowed to watch her being gratified and then clean her up. That he would have to watch them both snuggle and kiss developing the bond in his Cuckold training. This was the agreed plan. I have given Paul a month and the next step will be cleaning up after the male partner the lover. Till then …..

Read my blog for further developments in Cuckold training I am a Mistress specialising in Cuckold Training in London, Manchester and Yorkshire.

Your Dr. Helena xxx