Booking Manchester Mistress Helena


Remember when calling me always address me your Manchester Mistress with Respect. Integrity and good manners cost nothing. I do respond to text messages and tweet messages on my twitter account MistressHell. However I will need to speak prior to your session being booked. TEL ME ON 07557516183

Your Manchester Mistress will visit you at your Hotel, and meet here if going on a dinner date booking. I will need details of name of your Hotel and name it is booked under to check you are at that Hotel. Dependant on where that Outcall is there maybe a minimum fee of 4 hours even if a Dinner Date plus an hour session. The standard rate applies plus cost towards petrol etc. If local the usual rate applies. Your Manchester Mistress will bring mobile equipment to the session. Manchester Mistress Helena also offers Phone Domination and Financial Domination. Deposits of 30% are to secure bookings where I am on Tour & advanced sessions. This is to avoid wasting your Manchester Mistresses time. I will give details of the bank account I expect payment to be made on at request. NEVER WITHHOLD YOUR TEL NUMBER AS I WILL NOT RESPOND. I DO ACCEPT TEXT MESSAGES RATHER THAN ANSWER PHONE MESSAGES PLEASE GIVE AS MUCH DETAIL AS POSSIBLE IN THAT TEXT. I WILL TEXT YOU BACK IF YOU TELL ME TIMES OF CONVENIENCE TO ACCEPT TEXT MESSAGES. Once a booking has been arranged I expect confirmation on that day before 09.30 am. Your Manchester Mistress will then give details of the Dungeon/Chambers location. As a true professional Mistress Helena always expects punctuality. On arrival I will greet you to take you to where we will discuss the session. This is vital as a consultation. You should tell Me your Mistress any medical / health issues or concerns you have. These are considered for safe and enjoyable sessions. Remember I am Mistress and will also discuss what I feel we can explore also in session. You may use a safe word or sign for any Distress or discomfort. You will speak clearly and also may bring a list of do’s and don’ts for session. You may also send a brief E mail or text about what type of BDSM you want to explore with your Manchester Mistress Helena.

I have certain Rules I expect you to follow:

All My slaves, submissives, and sissies are to be punctual, clean and have the correct tribute to be given to Me on greeting. Do not be late! If you are late, you may lose time off your session dependant on whether other Mistresses have sessions after you. Always refer to me as Mistress or Mistress Helena. Do not embarrass yourself or offend Mistress by asking for any sexual services. I offer a discreet and respectful service. I expect you to be respectful at all times to others and other Mistresses at the Dungeon and out in public with Mistress. By booking a session with Mistress Helena you are accepting the service provided and are consensual to the activities explored. What we explore is confidential and always respected, never use the words weird when referring to one-self or ones BDSM fantasies. Your Manchester Mistress holds no time for judgemental people as this is her lifestyle! Your Manchester Mistress expects your confidentiality also and discretion in any session or involvement. Sessions are intimate and personal. I may ask if sessions can be photographed, filmed or written about if so this is only at your consent only. I also may ask for a review which I will read over if you feel it’s a good session. The review will then be published for public view. Discretion is paramount. The Manchester Dungeons’ I use are well equipped, discreet, clean, secure, well maintained, professional and safe I have sessions available in Dungeons / Chambers in Eccles, Manchester, Huddersfield and London’s Murder Mile. For certain locations’ of chambers I may need to pre book the Dungeon. I may be based at a particular Chambers for last minute sessions you should respect this if you do not Pre book. These are links to Chambers / Dungeons I use

MY E MAIL IS for inquires My TEL NO IS   07557 516 183 To BOOK OR TEXT INQUIRIES. BLOG Manchester Mistress Helena’s accounts of her BDSM life and details of upcoming tours.

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