Here are some of Manchester Mistresses Reviews Testimonials by her slaves and submissive’s.


Mistress Helena’s nasty little Piss Whore

My first memory was of my mobile phone vibrating in my pocket: I glanced at it semi-nonchalantly thoroughly expecting it to be some benign nonsense from a drunken friend.
I literally could not have been more wrong.
It was from Manchester Mistress Helena to say that she was waiting at my door.
I ran down the stairs as quickly as I ever have or ever could; the mere thought of the beautiful Mistress having to wait and waste time outside in the cold was not one I cared to entertain.
I opened my front door and stood back as Mistress Helena imperiously swept into my front room.
She looked simply magnificent.
I was lost for words.
Before uttering a word she changed into a pair of gorgeous black patent leather high heeled shoes.
It was nigh on impossible to hide the look that appeared on my face of sheer devotion, absolute desire and complete dedication to my Mistress’s heavenly stilettos.
“Get down on your knees whilst you are in the presence of my high heels” she commanded.
I duly and instantly fell to the floor, a pathetic mess quivering humbly near to Mistress’s perfect feet.
“Now I know you want more than anything in the world to lick my high heels clean but do you think you deserve to?”
I mumbled incoherently that I could never deserve such an honour but Mistress spoke over me and gave instructions to say over and over to her shoes ‘I love your shoes. I need your shoes. I adore your shoes. I worship your shoes. I exist for your shoes. I live for your shoes.’
All of this was true and more besides.
I spent a significant part of my life thinking about Mistress’s footwear.
As I wait expectantly on all fours at my Mistress’s feet I am momentarily conflicted as of which task to perform first. Do I suck the hot piss from my Mistress’s beautiful nylon stockings first or do I lick the globules of fresh urine off of her ladyship’s high heeled shoes first? I very much want to do both, obviously. I derive enormous pleasure from both activities. On occasion Mistress Helena’s shoes have actually become overflown with warm, wet champagne. I adore it when this happens as it presents me with the opportunity to really gulp it down. I never waste any. It has the most beautiful taste imaginable.
A particular high point during our evening together was when Mistress Helena filled one of her shoes with fresh champagne and held it to my willing and eager mouth; she said she was going to ‘feed me’. I drank it all down as fast as I could.
As soon as I arrive home from work all I can think about doing is lying on my bed and draping Mistress Helena’s piss soiled pantyhose across my face inhaling the aroma of stale piss and touching myself as I say over and over ‘I love to sniff my Mistress’s urine soaked nylons’.
I await intently to worship my Mistress Helena and until then I continue to sniff and worship Mistresses stockings!
Mistress Helena’s nasty little piss whore  x
Manchester Mistresses Finest Dominatrix and Humiliatrix


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Mistress Helena is a strikingly attractive mistress and as she explains is proud of her perfect diction. If you would see her walking down the street she would be a real head turner. I would guess by her demeanour, accent and education that she is privately educated. In other words: a high class 5,7 inch babe; in the vanilla world – just my type. It is somewhat awe inspiring to be in her presence when she is dressed in her latex black PVC outfit with ample bosom showing and thigh high stiletto boots. And a slave quickly falls under her spell. I have often ruminated that the more beautiful a Dominatrix is the more pain they can do to me and the more I can take. And Mistress Helena would take me to my ultimate pain consumption. Let me describe the session

Mistress tied up my balls and gave me increasingly stronger nipple torture all the while she was sexually alluring and teasing.  This just seemed to increase the sensitivity of my nipples. I had entered into sub space and she and the pain had stripped away my humanity and I was a baseless animal. I indeed felt like a piece of putty in her hands.

She then swapped the nipple clamps for another even crueller pair and tightened them together with rope. Attached to the rope were some clothes pegs. She then attached the pegs to my ear lobes. As my head would rise they would tighten the nipple clamps and pull on my ear lobes. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? It was happening to me and I gave loving thanks for the giving of her art.

Then she got hold of the paddle and paddled my balls with hard whacks. I was made to count and give thanks for each painful whack. Every hit would instinctively cause my legs to rise as a reflex. The flinching would cause my head to rise which would simultaneously pull on my nipples and my ear lobes. This would cause my head to sink downwards (so as to ease the pain). Then another whack to be balls came and I gave thanks and so my legs would rise as a reflex and my head would flinch and so the cycle would repeat itself again. This resulted in me uncontrollably marching on the spot screaming in pain. Twenty-five excruciating ball whacks rained down on me as I marched helpless to their rhythm.  I was physically shaking, tired, broken and crying and from this high-class babe turned Dominatrix I still wanted more; and more came as another 15 ball busting hard whacks rained down.

Next were electrics and the maximum strength nipple clamps. These were just car battery jump leads attached over good old fashioned wooden clothes pegs. They hurt and Mistress loved it and kept them there throughout the electrics. This electrical session was more like electro shock therapy because I would gaze up into her beautiful face and eyes, with ample bosom on show, and this would force me to associate pain with pleasure. And boy, by now they were strongly associated. She even threw in some anal play for good measure.

Next I was made to suck her strap-on before receiving it from behind. This time there was a different pair of nipple clamps on. These were smaller yet more intense. She tightened these by placing the clothes pegs on them and tugged on them from behind while she rode away.

Finally I gave my thanks all over her boots and lovingly licked it up.


Thank you Mistress.


I’m slave J , I meet mistress Helena in Manchester for 2hrs session , I got the train there , was easy to find here the dungeon was great inside , and out of the way , I was shown to the Dungeon room was warm and dark but not too dark ,  I was nervous as only visited one Mistress before twice , decided to see Mistress Helena well worth it !   so I arranged by email then rang to confirm I was going to show

I was shown the dungeon and waited all nervous as my Manchester Mistress Helena entered the room big smile and amazing body and looks wow ! Dressed in latex dress very tight showing all her assets with sharp high heel shoes , I was told to undress and wait by the thrown as I did , as mistress put me in collar and lead and told me all slaves should be on leads , I was told do you  like the outfit I liked very much .., and told to clean mistresses  shoes and strap of the shoes so she can feel my tongue and clean them spotless,  then I was told to massage her legs as she had a busy day perfect legs , then I was lead to middle of the room and told to get on my front and was put in restrained hands and feet and gaged with nipple clamps rubbing on the floor as tightly restrained and wriggling like a little worm .. And being flogged and lightly caned on my feet and tickled as well and as I’m a bit ticklish ,

Next Mistress unchained me and she rested her shoes on my back with the heels digging in , and then chained up  And spread me and my cock and balls restrained too , as She blindfolded me then , she decided to punishment , first lightly with the flogger and flogging my ass and balls not being left out then riding crop and Cane then paddle then I had to count to 20 counting thank you mistress for each stroke then she said one last hard one which made it count !  And squeezed my balls and laughing ..

then untied me then let me worship her body through her sexy outfit which she said is a rare thing ! Which I loved  and got so turned on , and then was led to the cross and restrained then she decided to make me dance with electrics on my balls and cock which I loved but was a bit uncomfortable as she increased the feeling and enjoyed it and Intense

Next I was told to worship mistresses perfect ass through her clothing kissing and touching it but not allowed to cum till allowed as I’m wanking while kissing Mistresses perfect ass but I came and was a very naughty slave and was slapped in the face which Mistress enjoys.

The session was amazing i would see her again and have loads of fun as friendly and down to earth and easy to chat to after session and during , and had a great intense session …



I saw Manchester Mistress Helena again at the Manchester Dungeon, I was shown to the Dungeon and Mistress was waiting for me I was told to undress and she would return, I had to kneel by the thrown. She sat down in a latex military dress and heels looking amazing!  Mistress put her own personal collar on me and put me in a piggy mask, telling me to worship her mistress heels. I did, I then undid Mistress Helena’s shoes and massaged Mistresses legs with different oils at her request, as I did so she then took the mask off, I worshiped her feet, cleaning her feet and sucking her toes, then I placed her heels back on. Following this my Mistress told me to bend over her lap as I was spanked … Following my Spanking for having naughty thoughts of my Goddess Mistress Helena I was led to the to the wall, restrained and blindfolded,  Mistress Helena tied my balls up and put nipple clamps on pushing me further …  she was using sensations from stinging and warm to cold. She used her candy pop, this was an interesting sensation and I wasn’t expecting it! … Mistress Helena then led me around on my lead like her pet!! It was after this that I became her naked photographer taking photos of her in her latex dress she looked amazing !! I then  worshiped her ass and body wanking but not allowed to cum till My Mistress told me I could! Denial! Oh yes Mistress Helena my Higher Priestess is my controller of Orgasm I am denied to pleasure myself unless instructed by her! She is my Mistress and I obey her rules. The beautiful Manchester Mistress Helena is my owner.

Had a another great session, I love seeing you

Have a great Easter

See you soon your loyal and obedient

Slave James Xxxx


My dear Mistress Helena,

This is my review of today’s session for your blog…Naked Photographer

“After being guided into the dungeon by the slave, I was met by the Goddess of my dreams. Pictures on the dungeon’s web site don’t do her justice…absolutely stunning. I had booked for one hour (wished I had booked longer) but I had the pleasure in photographing this one time model. While I stripped off, she went off to change into a black latex top that I bought for her for the shoot…Returning, I couldn’t keep my eyes off her…along with the top, she put on a matching thong, and thigh high boots….its a wonder I kept the camera still throughout the photo session…

Pictures in the bag, it was mistresses turn. While I had been directing her on how to pose, it was now her turn to reap misery on her subject. A hard slap across the face told me that this was her time. Strung up and spreadeagled, I was whipped across the back several times. My mistress stroked my nipples and ran her finger nails down the front of my body…this really turned me on.

She unchained me, turned me to face her, once again, strung up and spreadeagled. Slapping my face and spitting at me, I was totally in her control…wow! that body, naughty thoughts for a slave and she knew it. Blindfolding me, my mistress trussed up my cock and balls…some kind of electrics were used on me, followed by a few lashes across my torso. By now, my sympathetic mistress could see I was uncomfortable and struggling (circulation problem) and took me down from the cross like beam, this sets her apart from other mistress that I have served.

I was then made to lie down on my back, feet and hands shackled to a bench. Still blindfolded, out came some other electric device which was giving me a sensational feel in around my testicles…finger flicking my cock, spitting on my cock, she carried on, and on, and on with the vibrator type device, she shouted, ‘Don’t you dare cum”…couldn’t help myself…I came! I paid for this with thirty more lashes of the whip..before and after a session her friendly banter and attitude makes Mistress Helena one of a kind. Throughout a session, she is Mistress Hell! definitely worth seeing again”


Nasty Piss Whore’s 2nd Testimonial and Review of Manchester Mistress Helena

As I was led up my carpeted stairs by my Manchester Mistress Helena I could hear the piss sloshing around in her patent shoes.

She had just shown me her golden flow as she went to the toilet down the stockings into her shoes. It drove me wild.
I was straining on the dog leash round my neck to climb the remaining stairs as quickly as possible. I knew that within seconds I would be down on all fours, head bowed, either sucking the piss from her black seamed nylon stockings, or licking and drinking it from her six inch stiletto heels.
A more beautiful thought I have never had.
I was hoping the piss would still be warm. Cold piss tastes beautiful from my Mistress, but warm piss is so much more erotic.
I am ordered to clean the urine off the soles of her ladyship’s sexy Dominatrix’s shoes.
I enjoy this task more than any other and attack it with relish. I whimper as my tongue first engulfs the warm drops of heavenly nectar. Delicious.
I thank my Mistress over and over for the unbelievable privileged position I find myself.
“Just focus on cleaning the piss off my shoes you nasty little piss whore” she barks at me.
I am in ecstasy.
I make sure I capture every last drop of champagne and tongue them bone dry.
I also chance a few cheeky sniffs of Mistress’s shoes.
I love to inhale the aroma of stale urine mixed with patent leather. She enjoys pushing me further, sniffing her shoes.
Mistress particularly enjoys it when my probing tongue gently caresses her delicate instep; just where the shoe meets the stocking.
I think she likes peering down at me on the floor, grovelling pathetically at her feet weeping to be permitted to worship her piss-soaked feet and shoes.
I am so so lucky.
I cannot wait to see my Mistress Helena, again. Until then she has left me her drenched fine silk stockings that she orders me to sniff and lick when not in her presence.
Worshipping Manchester Mistress Helena

From the moment that my last appointment is concluded at work all my mind can focus on is Mistress Helena’s majestic nylons.

She very graciously deigned to leave them behind after our last liaison; and I am very very aware that they are awaiting me at home, caked in stale urine; to such an extent that the feet of the stockings have turned hard and almost crusty.
This arouses me immensely.
I complete the hour-long journey home in under forty minutes, and this is in rush hour traffic.
I am completely ambivalent and oblivious to other road users and potential hazards.
My every thought relates to Mistress’s discarded, soon-to-be-adored black seamed lingerie.
I arrive home and hastily park my car, I put the key in the door and literally charge up my stairs.
I fetch the ever-so-special items from the drawer they are kept in.
I lie on my bed still fully clothed and drape the formerly piss-saturated silk stocking over my nose and mouth.
I inhale deeply and simultaneously I begin to make whimpering noises.
For a moment I imagine the treasured items of clothing are adorning the beautiful feet of my Mistress.
I am reminded of the occasion when I was forced to gag on the heel of my Governess’s perfect black patent stiletto shoes.
Immediately after dislodging the long, thin heel from my windpipe Mistress Helena commands me to open my mouth even wider.
She elegantly lets spit fall from her gorgeous mouth into my eager willing one waiting beneath her.
I am then instructed to kneel upright, as I duly do so my face is slapped several times very hard by my Mistress. I am rightly derided as “worthless” and “pathetic” as she does so.
I continue to  gratify myself over Manchester Mistresses Helena soiled seamed nylons.
Oh how I yearn to be back in the presence of my Mistress’s stockings and heels. I so want to Worship her again and her beautiful stockings.
Your Pathetic dirty little piss whore