Suppressing Kink? Don’t!

Suppressing Kink? Don’t.
You must go see Manchester Mistress Helena. This is still in memory my time with Mistress, stepping out from a hot shower, I wrapped myself in a towel and cooled down. The walls and mirror were still steamed up, and I turned to see a reassuring smile. In truth, it was the same one I’d seen for the very first time just over an hour earlier.

Manchester Mistress Helena had greeted me at the door looking radiant and flashing a friendly grin. The figure hugging Latex catsuit looked resplendent, her makeup immaculate. Whether an experienced player or novice like myself, she knows how to put a submissive at ease. I had been plucking up the courage to visit a dominatrix for many years. Mistress Helena certainly ticked all the boxes from a physical standpoint. Alongside a caring and inquisitive nature, a telephone consultation displaced some of the pre-session nerves. I really do recommend that brief chat to allay any anxieties.

Mistress briefly detailed her 14-years of experience in BDSM and Domination, along with her nursing and hypnotherapy work, which helped me realise it had been wrong for me to suppress my kinks for so long. Suppressing kink throughout my life. I was under no obligation to book, but after speaking to her for several minutes, she helped unlock what it was I wanted to achieve in visiting. Sorting a deposit couldn’t have been easier, I understood why this was important as I was now at her amazing venue in Yorkshire only 35 mins from Manchester. I didnt mind travelling to see her at her own place. Mistress remained receptive to hearing any more thoughts, while also displacing any other fears as the day of our meeting got closer.

Located in a private and secluded area, not far from the m62, a clear route from Manchester. A thousand thoughts buzzed through my mind as I was led up the stairs to a dimly lit, but awe-inspiring playroom. Displaying an array of floggers to satisfy the most serious of sadists to a range of hoods to take your breath away, Helena’s premises are seriously equipped. Her stage is readily prepared to turn anyone into a sultry slut, naughty pupil or a trussed-up gimp secured in her cage or spreadeagled across a bed with handcuffs or rope!

Mistress read my awestruck expression and gave me a couple of moments to soak in the dungeon atmosphere. Soft music filled the air, as the door was closed to the outside world and replaced with my first steps into Helena’s domain.

My fears fell to the floor as fast as my clothes. Mistress climbed inside my head, massaging my brain into submission, taking me down the rabbit hole and making my kinky dreams into a reality. An expert in reading body language, she will push your limits, but all elements of play are safe, sane and consensual. Walking a fine line between dominatrix, femme fatale or sadistic queen, Mistress Helena can effortlessly step into any personality, while unlocking the door to soothing subspace. 

Once the session was over, Mistress offrs the use of a hot shower in a most amazing bathroom thats clean and very unique to her! We then sat down to chat in order to help the submissive deal with any drop in emotion. Sub drop that can happen after BDSM play. The aftercare provided is another reflection of her extensive experience coming into play. I felt good and on a high as I left her which is something that is hard once play is over. All I could think about was when could I return to see this amazing Yorkshire Mistress Helena. It was worth the travel from Manchester to see her. 

For those still on the fence, remember you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

Suppressing Kink? Don't

Suppressing Kink? Don’t!

This Manchester Mistress Helena is at the end of the phone just waiting to bring you under her expert heel.

Spill your wicked secrets and surrender. You’ll be glad that you did and will never look back. No more suppressing kink don’t do it anymore. Don’t regret what you don’t do…