Meeting the most captivating Hypno Domme for the second time.

I turned up on time and the amazing Hypno Domme invited me in to her amazing and discreet location. Mistress Helena looked so beautiful. We chatted for a few minutes even then my mind was starting to drift under her spell. I was told to go up to Mistress Helena’s dungeon.  “now your here strip”,  Mistress commanded, of which I did.  How could I refuse. Her presence was intense. She spoke calmly and clearly it was amazing.

Mistress sat on the bed and demanded me to massage her feet.  Whilst massaging Mistress Helena’s foot, Mistress was talking to me and I was starting to drift again as the other foot was upon my lap what a lovely feeling. Mistress told me to massage her foot like I was masturbating wow unbelievable.  Her attitude was strong and forceful however not brash and ridiculous. You could tell she is a really dominant lady. With many attributes…. Mistress Helena Hypno Domme

This amazing Hypno Domme then told me to lay on the bed. I told Mistress how I wanted to be under her total control so there I was listening to Mistresses voice and soothing music in the background.  Not long before I was in hypno trance . Mistress edged my cock as she chatted telling me I could not move, invisible bondage, which I believe I was in. I couldn’t move. Mistress carried on edging me until I came.  It didn’t stop there. The amazing Mistress put a device on my cock it was painful to start with.  I thought to myself I can’t move. I couldn’t then it became pleasurable to me. I came yet again. My Hypno Domme then removed the device and it wasn’t long before I came again, wow ecstasy! It was unbelievable, Mistress decided to allow me to move my left hand, “now masturbate” she commanded,  whilst Mistress smothered my face in her gloriously scented panties! Wow! I couldn’t believe it I was to cum again. It was unbelievable. I am now enchanted with Mistresses red lips so powerful , Mistress then cuddled me, as though she knew I needed it she is so intuitive and I started crying. It was a big release and overwhelming session I had experienced. I went on to tell some dark secrets that I suppose I was bottling up about my personal life. It had taken me many years of searching and a small fortune on the  internet looking for a true Hypno Domme who can actually do what she says! Trust me there’s many out here who pretend such things to get your money, simply that and there’s a few who will send you downloads to listen to and prise your savings away from you but this lady is the real deal. She amazed me and did it with respect and not out of personal gain. This will not be the final visit, I will return soon, I am her submissive now and can’t wait to visit again.