Humiliation Piggy gets locked away in my confinement Prison Cell

slave in confinement, cell confinement Humiliation Piggy



I had such an entertaining Sinful Sunday! Mistress had an entertaining pathetic piggy turn up prompt for his session. Humiliation, confinement, oh and not forgetting this pathetic piggy had a desire to be a cuckold! At least he knows his place! That’s right under my boot heel! Ha ha. I decided to allow my pathetic piggy to clean my boots starting underneath my sole and suck my heel! He made pig noises “oink oink”,  to entertain me! This little pathetic piggy then got a slap across his face because he was ridiculously pathetic.

Pigs are always greedy so I decided that he may like feeding. Ah a packet of crisps crushed under my beautiful boots fed from the floor. One thing has to be said pigs are clean! He was pushed down by my heel and made to eat every crumb and any bit of dribble! Such a lucky piggy!

This pathetic piggy had such a pathetic cock or should I say maggot that I needed to tie it up and dress the pig in some very pink plastic frilly girl pants! His little tail was lost  in the panties no where to be found it didn’t matter because he is just a cuckold and unworthy of Mistresses attention. He was lucky to be able to smell my tights that I had urinated on during a rather sexy watersport session which I told him all about. Pathetic piggy became excited and made grunting noises. Eventually his little tail grew hard!  I laughed mocking him. I decided that this piggy needed to be locked up in my prison confinement cell. He may even get lucky to drink my champagne freshly delivered from my toilet box.

I put leather cuffs on my pathetic piggy and tied his hands behind his back then led him to the confinement cell.  Little did my piggy know that I was about to call Mistress Tania and invite her for a cup of tea oh yes and a laugh while I humiliated this pathetic piggy!

Mistress Tania arrived very smart dressed in a sexy black skirt suit, stockings and very high heels!

“Come look at my pathetic piggy Mistress, he is locked in my confinement cell”, I giggled.

Dressed in my leather skirt and thigh boots we tottered down into the prison holding confinement cell area. I had left the slave in the dark he was unaware what was going to happen to him and when!

“I smell a pathetic piggy! I am coming to get you piggy”, I said intimidatingly!

Mistress Tania giggled.

We opened the prison door and looked at the piggy in the confinement cell, we just laughed at him sat there hands bound with his pink plastic girls frilly panties on! I grabbed the toilet box and told the prisoner he was to be our human toilet as I did I opened the cell door and made the piggy crawl on the floor to his destination! Head bound inside the box I sat upon my toilet throne and laughed as I pushed my pissy tights onto his eyes and nose.

” Sniff that, that is all you will get to drink in here!”, Instantly I released more champagne over his pathetic pantyhose clad face. He murmured as the champagne poured  down into his throat. I reminded him his unimportance to me as a man and that he was lucky to receive my champagne. He knows his place as a cuckold and I told him of good lovers I had had, that he would never be anyone’s lover ever.  Mistress Tania laughed I even called him a human ATM. His role to pay for the finery for me to look hot as hell and show him his unworthiness as a lover! Pathetic piggy thanked me. Mistress Tania couldn’t stop laughing and had to sit on my toilet box. She laughed and pissed at the same time he was drenched. I ordered pathetic piggy cuckold bitch to cum while we laughed mocking him, oh we did let him go. In the end!

Plotting the kidnap of another pathetic cuckold piggy maybe I will lock him up in the confinement cell for 48 hours or more! I may tease and torment make the bitch watch while I punish my slaves  and reward my slave girl Flick!

Huddersfield Mistress