Manchester and Huddersfield Mistress and her Tv Domme Jane after a cross dressing transformation


Well welcome to TV Domme Jane. I discovered the darker side to my kinky Cross Dresser one Saturday night. It was an overnight session booked at my Huddersfield  Mistress Location. My own private play Space Huddersfield , Hells Place.

Hells Place, Huddersfield Mistresses own place. Discreet and very well equipped it has its own atmosphere. On arrival we discussed outfits, Latex, boots, Heels and PVC were requested to be worn. My kinkster is slim and easy to accommodate even though I have a good wardrobe to accommodate most sizes. I knew the makeup would look good, I have made them over before. I love to transform my boys! Such fun. We had fun and wore similar makeup. I couldn’t believe how good they looked, I saw the boy change to the girl they are inside! So rewarding. I decided to call her Jane. We enjoyed the transformation and took some photographs to show off her changes. It was fun. We had al night to explore s much and Jane wanted to be available for sessions to please her Manchester Mistress. The fun carried on.

TV Domme Jane requested to have a Mangina, a term that’s created to give to a created vagina. So yes a Neologism. I love new words! How could I resist. This would also be a form of chastity during session how frustrating and uncomfortable! My play friend Cat had arrived. I decided that  would show her what I would do. She assisted tucking Jane’s balls over her clitty cock and I used medical staples to secure the new pussy. Cat loved it! I chuckled as we enjoyed creating the girl inside Jane! We placed TV Domme Jane into bondage, secured by ropes tied to the bed. Your Manchester Mistress loves to secure her play friends! Cat and I then began to do a lovely wheel of needles around Jane’s nipples and her pussy had them all lined through. Jane showed how much she enjoyed to switch then by requesting to pleasure one of my kinksters’. How could I resist! There was one condition my Girlfriend and I had to show what good lesbians do together and to become a real girl one had to show Jane. Poor Jane just watched as we kissed and teased each other. Her excitement made the staples stretch. Poor Jane, haha I do say chuckling away.

Both Huddersfield Mistresses Cat and I  loved every moment teasing our kinky friend TV Domme Jane. Jane then admitted that she used to switch in sessions and who loved to be a real TV Domme not just one dressed up. Oh my, this kinky one has caned, used strapons, and performed water sports on clients before. I could see her desire coming out to Dominate too. Well what fun. Of course I encouraged such.

Your Huddersfield Mistress just had to use TV Domme Jane as a kinky playmate in sessions, the Double Domme advert went up and we decided to do webcam. However until Cat and I released Jane we brought in our very bad bitch that needed satisfying. My gosh Huddersfield Mistresses TV Domme Jane certainly gave good oral communication with that! There is no stopping this eager bitch! She loved it! So did he!

Huddersfield Mistresses TV Domme Jane and I then had a session in she was eager to spank the bad boys bottom before we both used our strapons on him making him unable to resist the watersports after. He loved it, he was so wet he couldn’t help but arrive. I am looking forward to more sessions with TV Domme Jane, what absolute fun. She loves to switch too so many options in session.

So your Huddersfield Mistress is telling  all you kinksters who want to have a TV Domme now you can with me your Huddersfield Mistress. I am still available in Manchester but for longer meetings and prearranged time. My location In Huddersfield is only off M62 J25 and it is discreet. We could even throw you in the prison cell! Lucky Bitch!

So book now to see Manchester Mistress now.

Cross dressing TV Transformation service available too.

Call Manchester / Huddersfield Mistress Helena on 07557516183 I don’t mind text but please note I don’t answer calls from withheld no’s.
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Manchester Huddersfield Mistress with her TV Domme