Testimonial of my Manchester Mistress Betty Page lookalike

My session with Manchester Mistress Helena/God​​dess,  July 14th, 2015.

Location – Eccles Location

Betty Page

I had asked Manchester Mistress in advance of our session to have a Bettie Page persona and l was not disappointed. Even through this Manchester Mistress is a vision of beauty with her long blonde hair when l met Mistress Helena at the door on her lair, she was a vision of ecstacy adorned in a figure hugging black corset with matching panties, sturdy suspender belt, flesh coloured stockings and to die for high black Paton high heels (That l could not wait for to lick) and to my utter joy this Manchester Mistress was also wearing a natural looking long flowing brunette wig to complete her Betty Page persona l was in the presence of a goddess, one of the most beautiful Mistresses l have ever seen, l felt humble and shivered with the thoughts of what was to unfold in the 2hr session.

I soon found myself naked on my knees in front of Manchester Mistress Helena whom was seated on her throne peering down at me verbally putting me in my place as she lit her cigarette and proceeded to smoke while directing me to kiss and lick her high heels, clean and suck her heels while she lent over and exhaled her spent smoke into my face reminding me of my fate that we had agreed upon and would unfold, soon l found myself strapped down on her kneeling bench, my legs and hands firmly tied down while Mistress commenced her hand spanking of me, then she flogged me and if that was not enough, three separate types of canes were used and were firmly applied as l was directed to count clearly if not additional would be used, it was pure pleasure and pain for me as Mistress Helena swung her blows my head was bowed, but l could feast my eyes on Mistress’s high heels and stockings, which she rubbed and teased against my tied body as she applied h​​er cane.

Before l was released l was informed of my next fate, to my sheer joy, l was instructed to lay on the floor, while Mistress straggled my face with her wondrous behind, face sitting me with silky panties on while she lit up another cigarette and directed me to sniff and smell her panties scent, l did not need any encouragement, l was where l wanted to be since l had first seen this Manchester Mistress online. l was beneath her, eagerly consuming my Mistresses aroma and to add to this ecstasy, Mistress lent down and blew smoke from her ruby red lips between her legs into my face, l was as hard as a rock, there was no way l could hide my manhood l was putty in the hands of this​​ goddess.

l was then released and ordered to follow the beautiful Manchester Mistress Helena to the medical room, yes my servitude was not yet finished in fact we were only half way through our 2hr session l had requested to venture into the medical side of BDSM an area l had no experience but had pent up desires and Mistress did not disappoint. I was ordered to mount the white examination chair with splayed leg rests, l soon found my legs and arms firmly strapped down and a gas mask firmly placed over my head as l requested as l love to have my breath restricted and enforced by a Mistress, while l tried to calm myself and contemplate my fate, through my eye goggles l could see as Mistress commenced to roll on her surgical gloves and proceed to lay out her favoured tools of torture, sounding probes in various diameters, l was at the point of no return l had no choice but to take what was coming to me, as my Manchester Mistress started to lube me up to apply her tools for my internal inspection, Mistress leaned towards me and held up the first probe to make sure l knew what was coming my may and with the skill of a medical professional she made sure my urethral track was well clear of any obstructions as she plunged and slide her probes deep inside my urethral track while verbally informing me of the depth she was attaining and the pleasure she had in doing so.  There was discomfort but this is were pain meets pleasure it was the pinicle of the session for me, here before me was my vision of a Mistress, a goddess, a beauty with my manhood in hand, adorned in her Betty Page persona, me, firmly strapped down, breathing heavily in my gas mask, the pleasure far out weighed any discomfort l deserved everything l was getting and this Manchester Mistress was loving applying her trade, when finished with my urethral probing, Mistress commented how l was in such a precarious and accessible position she decided l needed a full inspection and applied further lubrication to her gloves and then my eager anus, she started to probe my anus to ensure my prostate was in good working order. l leaned forward as far as l could to see my beautiful Manchester Mistress, my goddess, crouched down balancing on her heels while laughing and verbally informing me of her inner progress it was another height of BDSM l had ever experienced in my life only to be finally surpassed the by my final forced milking by Mistress, she completed her internal examination of me, returned to her tools and produced a long white hand held vibrator and proceed to attach a rubber device that was placed over my rock hard member and then Mistress leaned forward staring into my mask feasting on my sheer ecstacy as she turned it on, my whole body was at a state of sheer joy, the verbal encouragement from this vision of a Mistress was too much to control for a mortal man, l tried to hold myself back just take it in longer this whole experience but this Manchester Mistress was in control and Mistress knew this that in her presence no man could deprive her of her goal to extract my manhood juices there was no way to win so l gave in and shot my load up into the air and watched it fall over Mistress surgical gloves, as she continued to vibrate me to ensure l left the dungeon empty.

But when l thought l had given my complete submission to this goddess l was reminded l had my final humiliation to come before l could shower, l was ordered to lay on the shower floor, and take Mistress champagne, it was all too much as Manchester Mistress Helena towered over me she pulled her panties to the side and proceeded to urinate all over my body, it was wonderful it was the pinicle of humiliation, this Mistress had me, l was helpless in the presence of this divine being l had found my muse. But be warned this Mistress, this goddess should have a health warning as once she has had you in her presence there will be no escape from her, you will return again and again to be punished and serve her…. be warned!
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