Manchester Mistresses Reminiscing of a Double Domme Kidnap

Sissy in confinement cellManchester Mistress Teressa and I were asked to do a Double Domme Kidnap scenario. This was to be on a train where we led a day into a night of captivating fun for our Cross Dressing Bitch! The dynamic double Domme Mistress Act balanced well as we caught our passenger on the train at Ashton Under Lyne. Our slut was waiting on the train pretending to be blind with contact lenses to add to the intrigue of capture! Mistress Teressa spotted her on the train placing her hand on her shoulder we both added vocal whisper to tell our victim they were to leave with us! Our victim flinched in shock and we escorted her off the train taking her to our awaiting car with a driver whom then drove us to the Manchester Dungeon where we began our torture on the Kidnap slut. We decided our Double Domme Kidnap victim should be made to be helpless and so we strapped her down so such was exposed to us and we took several photographs of the captive. Mistress Teressa decided to use her violet wand giving our sissy electric shocks some pleasurable some painful. We ensured to do lots of CBT during which we employed interrogation to find out the room number! We used a strap to lock our bitch into chastity! Oh yes this bitch wasn’t allowed pleasure. Our bitch had to take her servings and as she did we let her have her happy ending of which and how we choose and escorted her kidnapped in a car with our own driver to the hotel where we all stayed overnight.

Once we had arrived at the hotel our victim offered us some delicious Salon Champagne so we could create her own Champagne mixed of course with our own ingredient! Gathering samples for dinner, filling vials, one had her cum juice in it ready to make a nice salad dressing for her at Dinner!

The Double Domme Kidnap Duo Mistress Teressa. Our sissy was bound again and we tormented her once more before making her get dressed for dinner! Mistress Teressa had made her create her outfits prior to our planned liasion and yes our slut did us proud! Some sexy lingerie from Ann Summers and nice attire including a really slutty pvc skirt. Our slut looked like a sophisticated slut! I assisted with the make up and Mistress Teressa and I put on our beautiful D & G dresses which he had bought ready for our night of fun! We had the champagne ready in our handy spray bottle and the vial with Mistress Champagne mixed into the cum juice from earlier!

Dinner was at the Bar and Grill in Manchester! Great food and location. Luckily our victim as afore mentioned was dressed and made up to look like a real slut an expensive one but still a slut the same! Silky blouse, padded bra, tight skirt hiding her stocking clad legs. She did look amazing I must say! He was again our She!

Our taxi arrived and leaving the hotel as 3 sexy ladies was most fun! We did get a few glances but our slut looked great! On arrival at the restaurant we ordered cocktails, we giggled at our slut publicly humiliating the sissy bitch! We made her sit looking flirty and ordered her to ask for Cock… Tails! .. Oh this was just a start to our fun! Following ordering our food we were led to our table. Our kidnap victim on display we made her play with her hair and breast area. We stroked her stockings making her blush while the waiter watched discretely! It was such fun!

The starters had arrived, I got the spray bottle out and put the dressing onto the sluts food! We got the other vial out and poured it into her Cocktail saying it was a rosehip oil! To add flavour! We knew different! Haha! The sissy just glanced we made her drink it and start on her starter oh if only you were there to see! Her face said it all! We moved onto the main course and sprayed the champagne onto the food once more! I must say our food was rather delicious! As for sissy’s it was slightly different now!

Once we had finished our main course it was onto desert. I made the slut order by saying she wanted extra cream! In a very seductive voice.  We poured the remainder of the Mistresses Champagne onto her desert. Her face was a sight of pure shock! We decided to venture to the bathroom where I lifted our sissy sluts skirt and produced my flogger out of my bag I exposed her stockings for all to see and whipped the flogger onto her silky panties exposed! She cooed in excitement! I told the slut to put such a slutty red lipstick on with gloss. She did and we ventured all girls together back to our table! Our slut ate all her desert and we made her pick up her plate and lick it every last drop of cream! She was so humiliated it made us giggle. We laughed drawing more attention to our pathetic sissy slut! Making the bitch blush! Comical, yes it was! I still giggle to this day. I had to share this Double Domme Kidnap story with you.

It was time to go we left the restaurant and returned to our hotel. Our Kidnap slut was subjected to our torturous ways and we the wrapped her up between us while we slept to ready ourselves to kidnap the subject back to our Dungeon after more humiliation at breakfast! We decided to put ginger where lets say the sun do’s not shine! Our bitch couldn’t take the suffering so we had to remove it, however we gave good torment the Mistress Duo on our strapped down victim sissy bitch! It was such fun! We loved wrapping her up again confined in cling film making her unable to move, totally at our amusement! It was a great session and our Kidnapped sissy cross dressing slut was extremely content and did  rebook the naughty girl Double Domme Kidnap act Mistress Teressa and I.

I have since bought some great cross dressing attire for my sluts and even a sissy baby girl dress! Doubt I will make you wear this to the restaurant though! Haha!  Your Manchester Mistress will return to London this weekend and will return Monday evening. Sessions available in London in Covent Garden until Monday evening on my return.

If you would enjoy a Kidnap session I work with some amazing Mistresses in Double Domme Princess Lucina in Stockport, Mistress Tania in Huddersfield ( amazing Corporal and Judicial Cane expert ), my trainee Mistress Alcini, do request information about others featured on my site. I absolutely love dressing my Cross Dressers and Sissy slut’s. I now have an amazing Confinement Prison Cell where I can tie you up and lock you in for a while.. Ha now Bitch just you wait till we meet. I will have fun with you!

I am available on Tel no 07445364527

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See you soon Bitch….