Catwoman trapped by the Cat

Catwoman, trapped by the Cat

Catwoman of course, who doesn’t like her.

Ever since I first clapped eyes on Michelle Pfeiffer in Batman Returns as an impressionable adolescent, the obsession had turned to fetish and was about to become a reality.

As the rain gently fell, I stood outside the door atop a large platform. The pre-session nerves were in full force and my heart raced as I released the knocker. The clicking of boots could be heard in the distance getting closer and closer. There was no turning back now.

In truth, I didn’t need to feel nervous at all. The sight of Mistress Helena, as a Catwoman, squeezed into a latex catsuit and elbow-length gloves quickly turned any apprehension to excitement. Cat woman was now eyeing up her prey, with hands on hips and a wicked glint in her eye. Her flowing blonde locks were tied back, and the bright red lipstick on her pouting lips was immaculate, while her mischievous smile instantly pierced my defenses. I knew that I had made a good choice as soon as a gloved finger beckoned me into a new domain.


I was guided up some stairs to a candle-lit bedroom where soft background music provided a perfect ambiance for us both to get acquainted. Rather than shout or bark orders, Mistress calmly instructed me to strip and then kiss each of her divine boots. Guiding me towards an inviting double bed, the Cat woman Mistress made sure I was comfortable before slowly peeling away each of my senses. A rubber hood tightly hugged the contours of my face, with a blindfold blocking out that last bit of vision.

“Be a good boy and take some medicine,” she cooed as the first whiff of aroma took hold. On a one-way ticket to subspace, I was blind and floating away. Mistress began whispering in my ear. “How far down the rabbit hole are you willing to plummet?” Before I could answer, the gloved hands smothered my face. Shackled and helpless, my screams were muffled and Mistress laughed. “Oh, how easy it had been to be trapped by the cat!”

Cat woman Mistress increased the medicine dosage and then turned her attention to my bulging balls, giving them a good shave before instructing me to keep them that way. For the final part of the session, Mistress quite literally took my breath away once more with a re-breather mask, pulling me close enough for some cruel nipple torture. The pain failed to register thanks to the medicine taking full effect. I was cruising along deep in my own dreamy cocoon. As a final treat, I was allowed to worship Mistress Helena’s unspoiled boots with my tongue before being taken to an explosive climax.

A long hot shower and a post-session chat brought me back down to earth, as we both digested a very enjoyable first session. Safety is always paramount for Mistress Helena and I never once felt in danger while putting myself in her very capable and loving hands.

Unsurprisingly, I have fallen into this feline’s wicked BDSM clutches many more times since. Catwoman’s claws are now well and truly stuck into this slave with more kinky tales to follow.

Cat woman

Cat woman Mistress Helena

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