Huddersfield Mistress away in Barbados until 30th May 2016

Huddersfield Mistress

Huddersfield Mistress away in Barbados

Oh today is just one more day closer to myself & Huddersfield Mistress Jay holiday to Barbados. Another day and we will be sipping cocktails in the sun. Packed with Mistresses usual delights and of course our Heeled shoes, slinky dresses, and the most divine swimwear. We met today for lunch plotting some fun adventures. Dancing, swimming in that tropical sea and driving the male population wild. Isn’t that our job anyway! Huddersfield Mistress Jay and I will be getting some rather sexy nail work done, glitter in the sun, my gosh I feel sorry for the foot worship kinksters! They won’t be able to keep their eyes off our well- manicured toenails. Oh we did giggle about the fact we will tease and deny those poor souls! Girl power and within such a good strong bond that we hold, true sisterhood! You slave so privileged to know anyone of us will know our power as true Goddesses. You slave should ensure our ever needs are met! Even while we are away!

Do not fret slave we will return after one week, then you may kneel afore us and worship our heavenly bodies. So lucky are you. We will be posting regularly on twitter. Yes you may have permission to admire us and of course know how much fun we are having! We always do. Yes you know slave!

Book in advance as on our return you will be begging to see your Mistresses.

Oh we will be back and ready to torture, torment and tease you till you beg us to stop!

So simply imagine what your Huddersfield Mistress will be doing. If only you could slave.

So book your Huddersfield Mistress now, last day of session tonight Sunday and back on the following Monday.

Watch out Barbados we intend to dance, laugh and simply have fun!


Signing off Huddersfield Mistress Helena xxx