A review of Huddersfield Mistress Helena by her Photographer.

Huddersfield MistressAfternoon folks, I am writing having completed my first shoot with Huddersfield Mistress Helena at her domestic and erotic chambers in Yorkshire. For those of you who have worked with fetish models before, you probably know that you can never know what to expect. But this woman is something else. Utterly charming from arrival and an absolute joy to chat with. This Huddersfield Mistress rocked! All the little things that matter were there. Punctuality, quick changes and a vision of what she wants from the shots. So often at least one of those key points is missing. But not with her Huddersfield Mistress Helena.

As for the shoot its self, this woman is exceptional. Huddersfield Mistress Helena moves from pose to elegant pose naturally and effortlessly revisited any I thought I might not have quite captured. Her Yorkshire chambers are well equipped with plenty of different areas for play, she even has a Prison Cell! Now it was clean and well organised I notice this as a fetish/glam photographer. Of course this Huddersfield Mistress has all those toys and devices which make for some truly breathtaking shots and most kinky ones!

But dont be taken in by her beauty or those innocent eyes, this is no garden variety glam model. From the moment the shutter first fired her natural dominance flared. Huddersfield Mistress Helena owned the shoot. The shoot became as much about pleasing her as it did the camera and her standards are wonderfully high. Im not a submissive guy. But even I am not entirely immune to the kind of magic she seems to wield. She really is most captivating.

The end result of this fascinating and compelling shoot. Is one of the best sets I have ever taken. Flawless looks are easy to find among models. But a commanding personality that shines through a lense. Thats somthing that every tog hopes to find. Huddersfield Mistress Helena certainly has this. A certain charm to here Grace Kelly type look!

Im so looking forward to our next photographic set and guys, I can’t recommend shooting with her enough. She’s truly gifted. Oh and if you happen to be of the submissive persuasion, what the hell are you waiting for?! Contact the main lady Elite Huddersfield Mistress Helena.