My Manchester Mistress Helena, the HeadMistress

As the title suggests I had the delightful experience of meeting the HeadMistress, Manchester Mistress Helena earlier this week for what I can only describe as an unbelievable and out of this world experience!

I’ve sessioned with the wonderful Manchester Mistress Helena before and she always encourages me to tell her of my desires and fantasies for sessions.  I saw a post of the Head Mistress Helena and I told Mistress of my cravings to meet her and all the desires and thoughts going on in my head what that might entail.

She so seductively decided “leave this one with me young man and I will see what can be arranged”..
The session was perfect.  Firstly, I didn’t know when the session was going to take place other than it would be between a Thursday and Monday of a date we pre agreed. I waited patienty and with such excitement over those days that felt like an age, the tension building up was immense we were already in mode at that point. Wonderful!  This Manchester Mistress is amazing, she confounds me.

Days went by and I received a text from my Manchester Mistress Helena, the ultimate Head Mistress.  She astounds me, what a text, well Sunday evening, with just the words “get over here now”..  I didn’t hesitate and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, so I quickly changed into fresh clothes and headed to her chambers. 

On arrival I barely got through the door before Head Mistress ordered me to the floor, stripped me naked and made me worship her boots. Manchester Mistress Helena was dressed just as I had fantasised, a lovely stunning white silk shirt with black tie, her golden locks tied back so seductively, a grey pencil skirt and black belt, finished with black stockings and knee high boots. Oh .. my… well I wasted no time dropping to my knees, the power I felt she had over me was so intense, just sheer dominance and control over me from the moment I walked through the door, effortlessly from her.

I couldn’t help my excitement and being naked this was extremely hard to conceal! She made me crawl to her chambers, naked, cold and lusting.  I watched as she walked up the stairs, seeing her nylon stockings grace her legs, and rub, listening to the sound of them captivating her inner thighs.  Head Mistress saw this and I think she smiled for a glimpse that I saw before being ordered to look back down and worship her boots once again.
Heaven.  What can I say..

The next 2 hours were just totally out of this world, mind blowing.  I took a caning of course, why not. I never thought I would ever be able to take such for her, I was tied securely to her bench I had no choice but my Head Mistresses power over me was so sensational and my determination to please such an amazing Manchester Mistress was equally up to the task.  
I cant wait to meet her again!

The only, Manchester Mistress Helena