Meeting one of the finest Manchester Mistresses Mistress Helena

Meeting Mistress Helena
… be careful what you wish for 
Mistress Helena, when we first met was just behind a secure steel door in a warm clean and safe environment. She is a tall very slim woman … not a pretty girl … rather a strikingly beautiful woman. Blond, taller than my five foot-nine when in her heels … fragrant, well spoken and wonderfully shapely.
She was very generous to me with her time, both before and after our ‘quality-time’ together, and she managed to work out despite my breathless nervousness and babbling conversation almost exactly what I needed. I really do hope that she enjoyed what followed … I certainly did.
She must have heard me say at some point I wanted my orgasm delayed “as long as possible” because it took ages and ages. I’ve tried since then reproducing the sensations Mistress Helena caused me at the time, remembering this fine Dominatrix and looking at her image which is stored on my phone.
Using a mixture of implements Mistress associated my discomfort with her eroticism and sexuality to the point where the pain was so dissolved in my sexual excitement that the introduction of needles and cord in and around my nipples and genitals simply increased my enjoyment, which was just what I wanted.
I admit at the start mentioning “caning and penis” in the same sentence … and I had already offered Mistress a present as a reward for breaking one cane on my bottom, and I possibly did say “severe” at some point too … so it’s understandable why my penis is now covered in red welts, well … on the parts that aren’t bruised black and swollen.
At the time Mistress stopped me, she was being lavish with her rewards and I was euphoric … I could still just smell her on my skin the following morning. Which is probably why I went to sleep with an erection that night, and woke up with one the following morning. In fact I seem to be getting an erection every time I think about her and I’m thinking about her each time my nipples brush against the inside of my shirt.
All things considered I’m delighted to have found one of the most Elite British Mistresses in the North, Mistress Helena, and really looking forward to being with her again. It was, in a real sense, as sensational as Mistress Helena is captivating. Now I must do some lingerie shopping for Mistress’s reward … (I know, a dirty job but somebody has to do it) …