Manchester Mistresses Helena & Mistress Alcini’s a slaves tale

Arriving late morning at my Manchester Mistress Helena’s mansion. You had me stripped and collared and I spent the day doing Your cleaning and chores, whilst You relaxed. You had a little bell to summon me whenever You required something. In the late afternoon You inspected my work, and corrected any mistakes with the cane. 


Sweaty after my hard work cleaning, my Manchester Mistress hosed me down before recollaring me, and leading me to her boudoir. There I ran Your bath, held Your robe and Your towel and waited on You hand foot as You prepared for the evening ahead. Downstairs again, I was in bliss worshipping Your feet whilst You drank champagne. I could have spent an eternity in that position, at the divine feet of my Manchester Mistress Helena. But after an hour You announced You must pop out. You led me to a cage and locked me inside. “I was a good slave” You said, but must be locked up when You were not present until I had proven myself. 


A short while later I heard the sound of female voices and heels on the tiles. Shortly later You, my beautiful Manchester Mistress Helena, entered the dungeon with Mistress Alcini. “So this is Your new slave” she said. Unlocking the cage You pulled me out by my collar and bade me to stand. “Hands on Your head” You instructed me. A few strikes of my inner thighs with Your crop prompted me to part my legs to give full access to my body. Indicating to Mistress Alcini that she may inspect me, Mistress Alcini ran her hand over my cheek, “He has a cute face, it looks comfortable as a seat” she said. “What is his tongue like?” she said. You parted my lips with Your hand, “it is promising, I am training it to fulfil my needs” You said. Mistress Alcini ran her hand down my neck to my nipples, squeezing each, before her hand traced my torso to my cock. Taking my cock in her hand she said “This is rather small”, laughing. “Servant stock”, You said, “but it grows significantly when excited, especially when kept chaste for a while. He just needs to be trained, and that I will”. 


Turning her attention to my balls, Manchester Mistress Alcini cups them and squeezes. “Oh, my” she said, “these are so big and heavy, now I see what You mean. How are we going to make a device to fit”. Laughing You said “indeed they are, and they are all mine. They produce twice as much sperm as a regular set. I guess as of peasant stock it is in his genes to reproduce like rabbits. But now that urge will be tamed. It is only right that an aristocratic lady has such a specimen at her disposal though”.


Manchester Mistress Alcini’s hand has progressed to my backside. Feeling the welts from the cane she said, “I see you have him in training”. “Indeed” You said, “there is scope for improvement”. Feeling my arse hole smiling she said, “and he is still a Virgin you say”. Smiling back, You say “That is so, I would not have purchased him otherwise”.


Inspection over, You instruct me to greet both ladies properly, kissing Your shoes. Whilst I am doing this You attach a leash. I follow Your heels to the lounge. What follows is an evening at Your feet, massaging Your feet, serving You champagne and offering my mouth as Your ashtray. Halfway through You require the washroom, and I am led by my lead to the bath tub, where You use me as Your toilet, before hosing me down. Mistress Alcini enquired on Your return if Your slave is toilet trained, You reply to Mistress Alcini that I am in training, though not Yet consuming. With a glint in Your eye You invite Mistress Alcini to continue my training. And I find not only my Manchester Mistress but her friend is also using me as her toilet, so my visits to the bath tub multiply. Still i am there to serve, so most of the time aside from using my mouth as Your ashtray, and asking me to pour champagne and worship Your feet, You ignore me. 


With the champagne flowing, laughter and happiness however, after one such visit to the bathroom with Mistress Alcini, I am led back to the lounge to discover my Mistress, the divine Manchester Mistress Helena, has put on her strap on. I am led through to the kitchen and forced to my knees. “Bitch” You say, the first time You have addressed me all evening other than the orders You have given, “Show me how you suck cock”. I am shaking and nervous and my efforts are amateurish. “he is shaking like a girl” Mistress Alcini says. “That is because my bitch knows that I am going to fuck him with my large strap on. He has dreamt about it for so long I know, but now he sees how big, how long and how hard it is he is scared. But it is too late to be scared. He is mine and I will use him as I see fit. And just as in days gone by in aristocratic houses across this land when young servant girls will have bent across the kitchen table and lost their virginity to The Lord of the manor, my house boy is going to lose his virginity to his Mistress bent across the kitchen table in the servants quarters.” As my Mistress and Mistress Alcini laugh, I suck to the best of my ability. Tiring of my blowjob, my Mistress pulls me to my feet and bends me over the table. I am nervous but I can think of no place I would rather be. I know what is coming and I yearn for it. I feel You move behind me then feel my anus being probed with a finger at first, then two and then my Mistress’ strap on. 


Led back to the lounge, no longer a virgin and in pure sub space, with a click of her fingers I am back at my Mistress feet. Feeling so at peace with the world, I return to my duties, looking adoringly up at my Mistress, the divine Manchester Mistress Helena, You ruffle my hair. The champagne comes to an end, and the fire dies down, my Mistress rises, bids Mistress Alcini good night and leads me upstairs. 



Next morning i wake early, chained at the foot of my Mistress bed. I try to lie as still as possible so as not to wake my Mistress. After some time i hear the bed squeak, the sound of someone stretching, and then the two most beautiful feet appear on the floor. Your divine face appears above me, stroking my hair, You smile, reach over and unlock my arms, “go and get in the bathtub” You say… 


As my Mistress showers I am sent down to make breakfast for two. Mistress Alcini has stayed the night. When both Mistresses arrive they look radiant. I wait on them and serve them breakfast. They are off shopping, but Mistress Helena has produced a long list of chores for me. With breakfast finished, I am expecting them to leave, but I am instructed to kneel at my Mistress’ feet. Her perfume intoxicates me and I feel her nails being run over my body. My cock, her property, is fully erect. “Now” she said as she cups my head in her hands “you had a lot of excitement yesterday and your balls must be exploding. Soon you will be in chastity but to then, I fear that when I leave you alone today you will not be able to resist masturbating. That will get in the way of your chores which I cannot have. So I want you to milk your worm here in front of Your Mistress. You must not cum though until I give You permission”. 


As I begin to masturbate both the Manchester Mistresses look down at me mockingly. But as I look back up I have only eyes for my Mistress. How lucky i am. I am growing harder and harder, but not cumming quickly enough for my Mistress. You gently kick my balls with the toe of Your shoe and reach down and begin pinching my nipples. Turning to Mistress Alcini You say, “stamina is a good quality in certain circumstances but at other times it can be annoying.” Turning to me You say ” now come on bitch, I do not want to be here all day”. By that point I am about to explode, I beg for permission. “Wait” You say, and produce a glass. With the glass in place to catch my cum, You give me permission. My cum shoots into the glass. I am spent. Mistress Alcini laughs, “my word he does produce a lot of cum”. My Mistress strokes my face and says “good boy”. Reaching for a tea spoon, You say to me, “open” and I realise I am about to eat my own cum. You scoop the first spoonful into my mouth and instruct me to swallow. Passing the glass to Mistress Alcini, You ask her to finish feeding me, whilst You get ready. Mistress Alcini slowly finishes the task, mocking me with every scoop, and saying how lucky i am to have Manchester Mistress Helena to mould me into a useful servant. I grimace as I swallow the final spoonful. As I look up, I see Mistress Alcini glaring down at me. “And what do you say?” She says? Before I can reply, she slaps me across the face. “Thank You gracious Mistress Alcini” i mutter sheepishly.