Manchester Mistress new slave in training his Testimonial

From the moment I met Manchester Mistress Helena I knew I had found the place I most desired to be. For well over half of my life I have dreamed of serving beautiful goddesses  with long blonde hair. I can still vividly remember my first kinky dream as a small boy, I would dream of beautiful slim blonde haired women floating down from the heavens above. These angelic women were always dressed in either amazingly bright turquoise or pink bikinis sporting matching boots. It took me many years after those first tentative dreams of BDSM before I became consciously aware that I desired to serve dominant women. After visiting several Mistresses I have learned that I am certainly not turned on by pain or to be perfectly honest many of the activities associated with the scene. However upon coming into contact with Mistress Helena all of my desires and dreams suddenly seemed to count for nothing, my only desire was to see this truly divine Goddess smile and laugh. I wanted to take pain if she desired I should receive it, I wanted to obey her every command and make her happy, I wanted and needed to be useful to her.

Arriving by public transport the dungeon was really easy to find and Mistress was most helpful in guiding me right to her front door. I was extremely nervous as I always am upon visiting a Mistress but Mistress Helena is definitely different to Mistresses I have previously visited and I am ashamed to admit that I just cannot quite place my finger on what the essential difference is. She is without doubt easily the most beautiful woman I have served, I ve never allowed myself to visit a blonde haired Mistress before partly through a fear of being completely and utterly enslaved by my ultimate fantasy woman and partly through a fear of the experience not living up to my imagination. I needn’t have had any such fears as Mistress Helena was so much more then my imagination could have ever dreamt of and I am quite certain that her imagination is also superior. Maybe the difference between her and other Mistresses is the combination of that most majestic and beautiful aura which she possesses and her intelligence which is so satisfyingly anchored by an integral understanding that she was born to rule over all manner of men.


My session began with a friendly chat over a nice cup of tea whilst I tried to collect myself, during the course of our conversation Mistress would occasionally and only momentarily place a comforting hand onto my knee. After kindly showing me around the dungeon it was time for the real fun to begin. Mistress ordered me to strip naked and I readily assumed the kneeling position to pay my respects. Every little moment with Mistress Helena is littered with little enjoyable and perfectly judged comments/observations or just her unique thoughts on all types of subjects. As I was stripping naked under her attentive watch, she playfully shared her love of seeing men naked in front of her and shared her opinion that all men should have to be naked at all times….I never dared to enquire further as to the details of how that would work in actual reality (in harsh weather conditions etc…) but I filled in the details myself by imaging conditions and clauses which prevented men being left open to the elements – maybe us men would have to strip immediately upon entering any premises? Maybe we would all have to be naked even outside on warm sunny days etc….now I digress, though down a pre-laid path laid out by this most stunning and Intelligent of Goddesses.


Moving on to worship her shoes, legs and feet felt great, I was actually kissing Mistresses perfectly toned calf’s!! After this delightful activity I was handcuffed onto a cross where my balls were tied and teased and I was face slapped into submission. I ve never enjoyed pain and doubt I ever will but I can appreciate that it’s a necessary tool in a Mistresses armour. I was shocked at the strength of her first slap as my cheek flushed bright red and as more blows quickly followed I stood and contemplated that I wouldn’t want to be on the wrong side of the woman who was quickly becoming my Mistress, my Goddess and no doubt eventually my owner.  Mistress then instructed me to lie down and be strapped onto a box where she decided I needed a caning. By this point I was putty in her hands and after she finished giving me twenty painful strokes with the cane, she hinted that she would have liked to have given me another six for good measure. It is a true testament to her power of control and skill in domination that I managed to pluck up the courage to volunteer my arse for more punishment by asking with a “please Mistress” for the six extra strokes that she was keen to deliver.


So with a sore arse I was ordered to crawl over to a pre-designated section of the floor and lie on my back. I had half expected this humiliation as during our discussion prior to the commencement of the session we had discussed golden showers. But when Mistress slipped off her panties and dangled them in front of my nose to eagerly sniff I was enraptured beyond belief! I later dreamed that night that I was destined to be sniffing and worshipping Mistress Helena’s worn pants forevermore….what a dream that was but that is a whole new story. Mistress then skilfully entered my mind and made me beg for her golden champagne and how I begged to drink it all, I hardly spilled a drop and eagerly swallowed the warm golden nectar whilst Mistress occasionally added her spit into the mix for good measure. Now this is an activity that I have tried a few times before and whilst I have always loved the experience I can never say that I have enjoyed the taste however at times during drinking Mistress Helena’s golden champagne, I actually enjoyed the taste. It could be that this was a defining moment in my relationship with BDSM, the moment that human waste no longer tasted like human waste but like a delicious and exotic fruit juice. The experience of the constantly changing taste in my mouth from bitter to sweet was one that I will never forget. Mistress then laughed and smiled as she ordered me to wank myself to ejaculation whilst lying there soaking wet from her delicious golden champagne.


After showering and upon immediately re-emerging back into the dull streets that constitutes the grey reality of ‘normal’ life I could not think of anything other than seeing this most hypnotic and beautiful of Mistresses again. Contemplating the session that I had just been lucky enough to experience I could not help but think of her golden champagne that was being digested in my body and it was this thought that gave me a truly satisfying smile during my journey home.


Anyone who visits this Mistress is in for a truly special experience and one that they will never forget. Thank you so very much Mistress Helena for an experience that I will always cherish.  I await my next visit to this fine Dominatrix.