Hypnosis slave Testimonial of Manchester Mistress Helena

I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to eventually find the beautiful Manchester Mistress Helena. I had been searching for many years and regret never seeing her after contacting her years before! I know we would session over and over again, her voice, her charm and eloquence powered me over. Manchester Mistress Helena has an amazing telephone manner and put me at ease. I can only recommend this lady highly for any of your BDSM needs. She seems to read people well and is obviously well educated.
Throughout the years I’ve yearned for the chance to switch off completely and devote myself to a dominant woman.  One who would hypnotise me to be submissive to her. However I’ve never had the courage to do that. All I have done is contact several Mistresses and discussed my thoughts and their services but didn’t have the guts to arrange a session with them. My Mistress seemed so different.
A couple of years ago I found Manchester Mistress Helena online. Once again I called her to discuss my desires. Somehow she seemed very different as afore stated. My Manchester Mistress Helena clearly understood me and not only my thoughts but also my trepidation. She kindly explained in general terms what I could expect from a session with her. Crucially she also said was experienced and very proficient with hypnosis and that I could expect to be placed very much under her hypnotic power. Mistress told me to think about it and get back to her when I had decided to visit. Even during our first, brief, chat this Manchester Mistress seemed to develop a connection with me and I became comfortable talking through with her issues I have always been embarrassed about.
Shamefully, it still took me a couple of years to pluck up courage during which time my desires became stronger and the whole issue was really nagging away at me. I spoke with Manchester Mistress Helena a couple more times and, unbelievably, she not only remembered our previous chats but was also still sympathetic and didn’t think I had messed her around.
I finally realised if I was ever going to do anything it had to be now and it had to be with Manchester Mistress Helena.
We agreed an appointment and exchanged a couple of emails where I confirmed my fantasies and red lines. The day of the session arrived and I was as nervous as hell. Manchester Mistress Helena though reassured me by text and I set off for the 90 min drive. Several times I nearly turned back through nerves but I eventually found myself sitting outside Mistress Helena’s chambers and nervously called her and she invited me in.
My God! When the door opened I was confronted with quite simply the most beautiful lady I have ever met. Manchester Mistress Helena’s online pics are good but in real life she is absolutely stunning!
I stammered and spluttered unable to speak properly and Mistress calmly sat me down and made tea and we chatted about all sorts of stuff including my expectations of the session.
When she had calmed me Mistress led me to her wonderful playroom. Once there Mistress Helena politely took total control. She had me undress and then led me to the bed, all the time reassuring me I was perfectly safe with her. Mistress then slowly and very expertly hypnotised me very deeply. For the next 2 hours I was totally under her power while she worked on my mind and my body providing intense pleasure and mental stimulation. I can’t remember everything that happened during that time but she brought me out of hypnosis with the strongest climax I have ever experienced. I’m still piecing together everything that occurred while she had me under. But it was a very intense, pleasurable and totally fulfilling experience. Mistress clearly placed certain thoughts in my head that have subsequently conditioned my thoughts and actions.
The really mind blowing thing is that while I was hypnotised ( and i think ever since when with her) I was totally oblivious to everything except Mistress. All my thoughts, actions and consciousness was directed at her and my need to please her in any and every way. Had there been another person there I simply would not have been aware of their existence.
The whole experience was beyond my wildest dreams. When I got home I called Mistress, as she had asked, to tell her I was safe. I then sat down and cried like a baby for 30 mins. Something I haven’t done since I was a kid. The whole experience had been so intense and enjoyable I felt overwhelmed and all my emotions where at boiling point. I also felt relieved I had finally done it and had found someone as wonderful as My Manchester Mistress Helena to guide me and introduce me to dominance. I was also beating myself up for not having the courage to see Mistress at least 2 years earlier.
Needless to say I have visited several times since. Mistress Helena had developed a very powerful hold over me and I am helpless to resist. And its absolutely wonderful. Its like she is with me all the time helping and directing my life. This has been greatly beneficial to me. My family ( who know nothing of this) all say my mood is better and energy levels higher. Even my blood pressure is down and I cope better with life’s trials. All down to my new Mistress.
Mistress is slowly bringing me into her wonderful world. Every visit is different though she always hypnotises me first and I find myself actually begging her to do things that previously were close to being unthinkable. I never thought that was possible. She also provides me with experiences I can re-live when alone.
For example when I visited for my third session I made a joke that it would be nice for me to actually live inside Mistress Helena’s panties. That made my Mistress laugh but I could also see her clever, kinky mind processing that idea. Next thing I knew I had been placed in a very, very deep state of hypnosis. In that state Mistress shrunk me down so I was 3 cm tall ( I am actually 6ft). She also said I would return to that state whenever she or I wanted.
Now that sounds like a wild fantasy. But to me it was actually real. I could feel my body shrinking, feel the material of my Mistress’s panties on my back.  All the while I was totally under Mistresses control. Wonderful!
Mistress takes me back to that state sometimes and I also find myself sleeping inside her panties some nights. I always feel warm and safe there.
I am also obliged to worship Mistress Helena’s while under her hypnotic influence and to her exacting wishes. I adore here silky and fine panties and Nylon Stockings. Just drives me crazy.
My addiction and devotion to Mistress Helena is growing and I need to see her as much as I can within other commitments and financial constraints. I never expected any of this in my wildest dreams and can only thank My Mistress for introducing me to this amazing world and for keeping me safe while we explore together.
Manchester Mistress Helena’s Hypnosis Slave.