High Priestess Mistress Helena now offering spiritual consultations

High Priestess Mistress Helena

High Priestess Mistress Helena is now offering online spiritual consultations during lockdown, and will continuing to offer this new additional service after lockdown is lifted.

High Priestess

High Priestess Helena now offering          tarot card readings online

Online Spiritual consultations will include your High Priestess connecting with spirit. For a better connection I suggest an online webcam hypnosis session. This will relax you and allow you to be more open to spirit and Mistress. I can do a normal tarot card reading successfully on the phone. Please read Review below from a new client for a recent reading experience.


How I came to contact High Priestess Helena, is a story in and of itself. A good friend of mine got in touch recently and we started to speak of our shared interest in all things spiritual. Given the winds of change right now are somewhat ferocious. I mentioned off hand that I was considering having a reading done. It was then, my friend recommended High Priestess Helena. Intrigued I decided to book in for a telephone reading. I was not disappointed. Firstly booking in was very simple and no nonsense. Which is always nice. High Priestess Helena is exceedingly knowledgeable in her craft and is able to communicate things in a way that is easy to understand but in no way patronising. As for my reading, it was legitimately spot on. I am familiar with cold reading and this was in no way cold reading. The information being conveyed was delivered in a matter of fact way that correlated with events from my past and my current situation. Things were touched upon that I have at no point related to others, not even those closest to me. As such I feel a little less lost in regards to what path to take going forward and the correct areas in which to focus my energy. One final thing to note, the deck of cards picked for my reading aligned perfectly with an aesthetic I find exceedingly visually appealing. As insignificant as this detail may seem, I’ve always believed aesthetics are powerful and often a reflection of something deeply engrained within us. So to have these picked for me without any prior knowledge is certainly uncanny. In short everything just clicked. I cannot recommend High Priestess Helena enough, she is a cunning woman in the truest sense of the word.

H. M

Information and cost of consulation.

Consultations can take for a 4 card reading 30 minutes to an hour, which includes Past, Present, Future and a Question you may want to ask. This standard service is £35. If you want a 10 card reading which includes a much wider coverage on you and your environment, which can take anything from an hour to 90 minutes. This is £55. Your High Priestess will select cards for you on the phone, being done at the right moment by both parties selecting the card, which you will instruct while I shuffle the cards.

Within a reading, I am empathetic and structured. To help your focus with me your High Priestess during a reading, it often helps to have a quiet environment around you. Do not worry about any emotions that may come up with a reading as I have expert knowledge on support and advice plus have a very good listening ear following a reading, this is my aftercare.
As explained earlier regarding hypnosis I can also include past life regression in your reading or explore deeper connection with spirit. For such this will be an additional £40.

Or you can simply choose to have a hypnosis session based on spiritual sessions only including past life regression for £60.
Particularly in this time in our lives, when many changes are happening, it is always nice to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Readings with me your High Priestess Mistress Helena are always positive energy. Be aware many things can be misinterpreted and I will help you understand your future pathway more clearly and in a positive manner. Positivity decreases depression particularly in these times, its good sometimes to have a chat and help see things more clearly. Problem solving in its finest form yes?

I have been a medium which means I connect with spirit on your behalf for many years now and have been a psychic since being a child. The current situation has prompted me to share this more openly with a wider audience and as you can read below I do very well.
For hypnosis sessions only this must be done by cam as I need to see your ok during the session. For card readings this is done by phone unless you request a cam reading. A cam reading has an additional fee of £25 and you can see your High Priestess.